Feisty Little Booger, Ain’t It!


Well, let’s see if you’re able to see this, then you know I’ve was successful in posting this from ecto. I don’t see why this has taken so much effort to get straightened out. I’m not even sure if this is going to work correctly or not. I’ve made sure my time zone is set this time. I thought I had it right the first time I tried to post. I guess I was wrong.

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Hold my place, please!


I found out that WordPress.com just opened it’s doors to all of the Internets, so I figured I better get in on the ground floor. I already have a blog that’s hosted by Dreamhost, but I went ahead and locked in my username here just to be safe. I don’t really think anyone would’ve taken it since it’s been available almost everytime I’ve tried it. It never hurts to be safe.

I’m also glad to see that ecto still works with this setup. That will make my decision much easier if I do decide to switch to this free version. I would’ve hated to have to do all of my posting inside the admin section of the site. The folks at WordPress have made it extremely easy to use; it’s just so much easier to be able to write up posts offline. Also, ecto has tons of features that would be sorely missed if I couldn’t use it.

I’m glad to see WordPress offer this service up. It’s always good to have choices in any area. Now we can just hope for more options and usability to be added in the near future.

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